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What is TokenBooster?
TokenBooster is a Crypto Platform that enables blockchain-based projects to reach a community of crypto enthusiast that endorse the projects by supporting its diffusion and development in exchange of an amount of the project’s tokens.
A Space Project is any blockchain-based project that wishes to extend its community and enhance its brand awareness. It could either be an EXCHANGE, a pre ICO, ICO or post ICO project.
Every user has an individualized referral link, which is in the Profile section and in the Referral Program section. It will redirect the new user invited to TokenBooster Homepage.
The user will get rewarded for every friend invited.
Referral Rewards
The reward will be paid in FDZ and the user has 3 ways to win tokens:
  • The Referrer will receive 25 FDZ for every KYC verified friend registered on TokenBooster;
  • Moreover, the user will be able to earn extra tokens (in addition to 25 FDZ for each user invited) for reaching Invitation Milestones: find the different Milestones on the Referral Program section;
  • The Referrer can join TokenBooster Space Competitions: the best Referrers can enter a ranking and win huge token rewards.

Where can I publish my referral link?

Send your referral link to friends and contacts via message or email

Publish a post on your social media accounts
Write articles and reviews on blogs and Medium

Film a review on YouTube

Mention the project in forums or social media groups (Reddit, Bitcointalk, Telegram etc.)
You can use this Quick Message:

"Hi! I have joined TokenBooster, a crypto platform that makes you earn tokens for completing social actions, sharing or following Crypto projects. In a few clicks you can find countless interesting brands and win tokens from them. All you have to do is register here and complete the missions available. Don’t miss the chance to join me on TokenBooster, register now!"


You will receive the referral tokens once the referred part has completed the KYC procedure. Please do NOT spam your referral link!
TokenBooster team will make the final decision on any disputes.
We collect tokens from projects in advance in order to guarantee that rewards are always sent to those who successfully takes part in Space Projects. In addition to this, we analyse every project before posting it on Tokenbooster in order to filter out low-quality projects. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that each project, especially if it’s in ICO phase, will be successful. For this reason, we recommend you to do your own research and take part only in projects you are sincerely convinced of. Tokenbooster cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by failed projects, nor can be asked to provide complementary reward if a specific token is shut down.
A Space Mission is a single Project’s action. Every action has a different token value: once it is completed and verified, in the “Wallet” section the user can check the tokens he/she gained so far. The tokens are locked for a period set by the brand (usually up to 30 days). Once the lock period is over, the user can get the tokens and withdraw them.
You will always receive tokens from every action: Brands decide the number of tokens that every user can earn from each mission. Remember that you must complete your KYC to receive the tokens.
Once the token lock period is over and you have completed the KYC procedure you can withdraw tokens and transfer them into your wallet. You can record different wallets and decide in which one of these you withdraw the tokens. Any ERC20 wallet is ok. We recommend not to use exchange wallet nor smart contracts.
The tokens earned from each mission are locked for a given period to allow each action’s verification and ensure that the social action delivers the expected results.
The KYC (Know Your Customer) is a procedure which allows TokenBooster to create a community of verified users.
The KYC is necessary to withdraw the tokens.
To complete the KYC the user must upload:
  • The front picture of the document (ID, Passport, driving license)
  • The back picture of the document
  • In the User Photo, you have to take a photo of yourself holding your ID card and a handwritten sheet with the following information: "TOKENBOOSTER + SURNAME + DATE OF KYC SUBMISSION (DD-MM-YYYY)"
We collect your personal data for the purpose of providing you our services, in relation to which you have registered your interest. We will not disclose your personal data or any other personal data provided by you to us to any third party. We do not collect additional information about you from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organisations. We may also use your personal data to communicate with you and provide information about our services and the services of others pursuant to your requests.
If you can’t connect to Telegram you can use our TokenBooster Telegram Bot in this way:
  1. Enter on Telegram
  2. Look for the user @tokenbooster_bot and click on it
  3. Start the conversation and write: /verify + the code you will see on screen
  4. Example: /verify 54672

If you need to enter your code through our Telegram Bot, please DO NOT write neither on TokenBooster Telegram Group, nor on our Projects Telegram Groups, otherwise your message will be considered as spam and you will be banned from our community.
The tokens earned from each mission are locked for a given period to allow each action’s verification and ensure that the social action delivers the expected results. Tired of waiting? Spend TB points to immediately unlock tokens!
Learn how to do this here: