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What is TokenBooster?
TokenBooster is a decentralized bounties network enabling Projects (“Space Projects”) to manage bounty programs, and users to receive tokens for completing bounties (“Space Missions”).
A Space Project is a pre ICO, ICO or post ICO project which gives the users the opportunity to receive bounties in exchange of actions, such as “Follow Twitter”, “Join Telegram Channel”, “Refer the Project”.
Every Project is scam-free and before it is listed on TokenBooster it is manually and individually checked by the staff, which contacts the brand in order to verify every single aspect of the project. Moreover, every transaction is processed and verified through a SSL/TLS certificate.
A Space Mission is a bounty action. Every action has a different token value: once the action is completed and verified, in the “Wallet” section the user can check the tokens he gained so far. The tokens are locked for a period set by the brand. Once the lock period is over, the user can get the tokens and withdraw them.
You will always receive tokens from every mission: brands decide the number of tokens and the cryptocurrency that every user can earn from each mission. Remember that you have to complete your KYC to receive the tokens.
Once the token lock period is over and the user has completed the KYC procedure he can get the tokens, withdraw and transfer them into his address. The user can insert different addresses and decide in which one of these you want to withdraw the tokens earned.
The tokens earned from each mission are locked for a given period of time decided by the brand. During the lock period we verify you don’t cancel the action immediately, in this case the tokens will disappear from the wallet.
We collect your personal data for the purpose of providing you our services, in relation to which you have registered your interest. We will not disclose your personal data or any other personal data provided by you to us to any third party. We do not collect additional information about you from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organisations. We may also use your personal data to communicate with you and provide information about our services and the services of others pursuant to your requests.

Every participant will have an individualized referral link. This link can be shared with friends and family, colleagues, on social media, forums, via email, etc. It will direct the new user to TokenBooster homepage.

  • The referred party can earn the tokens by using the link provided by referring party
  • Only a valid referral link will qualify and be accepted.
  • Circular referrals are not permitted and won’t qualify for the program.
  • The TokenBooster team will make the final decision on any disputes.

The reward will be paid in ETH.

Full reward instructions here

How can I publish my referral link?

  • Referral link sent to friends and contacts via messengers or email
  • Referral link in your accounts on social media
  • Articles and reviews on blogs and Medium
  • YouTube videos about the project
  • Mentions of the project in social media groups (Reddit, Bitcointalk, Telegram etc.)

You can use this Quick Message:

JOIN TOKENBOOSTER and earn tokens NOW!

Follow TokenBooster using my referral link and start earning tokens by completing the bounty missions available.


You will receive the ETH tokens once the referred part has completed the KYC procedure. Please do NOT spam your referral link! Please respect privacy and be careful sharing referral links.